Ukrainian War Starts on Blood Moon Tetrad

As I write this, the Ukrainian Military is on the move taking back an airport in the east from Russia/rebels/fillintheblank. This war officially started today on April 15, 2014 on a Blood Moon Tetrad, Passover/Resurrection (original Christian Holiday tied to Passover date) day. What are the odds of this? One in a billion? You can’t make this stuff up. This reminds me of the beer commercial a couple of years back, where all that was said was… DUDE!?

The so called “World Leaders” need to slow their roll, as they say, and think about the larger implications here. The Ancients were not idiots mind you. They studied the stars for thousands of years. They summed up that knowledge with on sentence, so WE could possibly think two steps ahead. “As Above So Below” is the ancient phrase that’s a compass/warning/affirmation etc…

Bad day for the planet, period, let alone a war! Be it the Christian Book of Revelation (6:12)

“I looked when He broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood etc…

Or maybe the Jewish Book of Joel (2:31)

“The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.”

The Muslim “Red Crescent Moon” (partial lunar eclipse) for mosques and flags. This first began in the times of Saladin during the crusade wars as a Proclamation of Strength to the Christian Cross symbol.

The only positive outcome (somewhat) that ever came out of a Blood Moon Tetrad was Chris Columbus in 1492. Of course we ended up slaughtering the American Indians so…

Speaking of the American Indian, the Navajo during a Blood Moon would hunker down, I mean not do a damn thing until this bad omen passed ha.

Seriously, read and understand what I’m about to say now. Next month, Pope Francis (the last Pope according to St. Malachy 100% correct since the 12th century so…) to travel to the Middle East to meet all the players involved in the Jewish/Palestine issue.

Pope Francis will arrive in Jordan on May 24 to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah, conduct a Mass in Amman, and meet with Syrian refugees. The next day, Pope Francis will be in Bethlehem to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, conduct a Mass at Manger Square (the traditional birthplace of Jesus), and greet Palestinian children.

Later on May 25, Pope Francis will travel to Jerusalem to have a private meeting with the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I, the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church, where the two will sign a joint declaration in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Jerusalem meeting between Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras.

On May 26, he will visit the Western Wall, Mount Herzl, and Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. He will also meet with Israel’s two chief rabbis, President Shimon Peres, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Can’t make this stuff up…







Blood Moon War in Korea, Israel or Ukraine?

The symbol we know of as the “Star of David” in the West, was carved onto Hindu Temples in India millennia before the Israelites left Egypt. It literally means As Above, So Below. Translation: Our futures are written in the stars.

On April 15 2014 we’ll have a Blood Moon caused by a sun/earth eclipse that’ll filter the light on our moon. There have only been 7 Blood Moon Tetrads (series of 4) in the last 2,000 years. The years that come to mind are 1949 (Israel statehood) & 1967 (Israel war) If you google these years you’ll see the upheaval through-out the planet during this 16 month+- astrological events. We’ll have to wait 500 years for the next Blood Moon Tetrads to occur. This first event will fall on April 14-15 2014 which is Passover for the Jewish sect and the original Easter for the early Christian sect that tied Jesus’ “Resurrection” with the Jewish Passover.

 It’s about to get weird next week folks. We’re birthing a New Age so some pain is to be expected. A gentler more compassionate governmental systems, conflict resolutions, economies, healthcare, housing, food insecurities, education etc…

The old systems are giving way, one way or another, to this new Aquarian Age before our very eyes. Next week the veil will lift ever so slightly. 




UFO’s, Religion & The Aquarian Age

I feel a need to write (or referee) on the subject of UFO’s, Religion and our “New Age”. For a base line I should briefly explain the views of the West’s most popular religion, Christianity – Protestant’s & Catholics.

So the Catholic Church owns the most powerful telescope in the world (by far) located outside of Tucson, AZ on top of 10,000′ Mt. Graham. The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) is operated by a highly educated group of Monks/Jesuits that work & live within the confines of VATT. In a nut-shell, the Catholics are looking for an armada of UFO’s coming our way (google it) If your into Catholic TV channels (I am not) chances are you know what the Church beliefs are on the UFO subject.    

I get it, they’ve done the homework and lost the religious dogma (only took 2,000 years ugh) and are now ready to embrace the “Coming of the Lord in the clouds” and begin the “New Age”. OK whatever, live and let live…

If you watch prophesy youtube channels (I do not) or Canadian Christian Broadcasting channels (I do not) or Protestant TV channels (I do not) chances are you’ve heard the views voiced on UFO’s from several leading Evangelist/Preachers etc… They refer to UFO’s as demonic. Seems a bit harsh to me ha but if you believe Jesus is back literally floating on a cloud, then a UFO is a bridge too far…

Below a painting hanging in the Vatican painted circa 1526. Right, a painting from Hitachi Japan painted in 1803.


The Islamic clerics believe in “DEATH TO AMERICA” so they have a ways to go yet ha. Its safe to say that the Islamist’s view of the world matches the Catholic Church’s view during in damn INQUISITION.

I believe there are possible UFO’s coming & going to the planet. Most likely to observe us as we observe monkeys at the zoo. In that case aliens must be telling each other, “That one better not throw his shit on me!”

Anyway, so we have a confluence of events today namely Ukraine/Russian/NATO situation & the economies of the world on the brink of collapse. Our planet is heating up (man made or not) and we haven’t a clue/will to fix it. Income inequality, massive housing bubbles in Asia, public & private debt in every country, Mad Men last season ha etc…

The old systems are giving way for the new systems for the Aquarian Age (literally means “The Water Bringer hmm) so the transition is bumpy and going to get worse, like birthing pangs sharper and closer together. Now put full disclosure on UFO’s in the mix and you have a hot mess as they say now. The Catholic and Protestant powers that be want to keep control over their “flock” and want to keep relevant into this next Age. That an impossibility for any organization tailored for control. The Pisces Age (the fish) is giving way for a future that is unimaginable.       

Putin To Take Eastern Ukraine & World Economy

The Ukraine is going to constrict the economies of the world (through tit for tat sanctions) and plunge NATO into another Cold War with a divided east/west Ukraine as the DMZ. Ukraine is a mess and Putin is betting that the West won’t fight him over Crimea & eastern Ukraine (soon) and he’s correct. What can/will we do? Destroy the Russian economy by cutting off ALL banking with Russian banks. That’s where we’re heading with this. By warning that the West would cut-off Russian banks, the money flow out of Russia would look like 1929 for Putin. Of course that’s not going to stop him from shaving off the eastern Ukraine.

For Putin, its about trying to get back part of the “Crown Jewel” of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine. The West can’t understand why Putin (ex KGB) would bring down the economies of the world to gain back part of Ukraine. Merkel & Obama must be saying to themselves, WTF! 

Tomorrow Putin will meet with his cabinet (such as they are) about cutting off the Natural Gas to Ukraine. I suspect he will, sooner rather than later, thus turning up the heat on Kiev & the West in the process.

The fragile economy (of the planet) hangs in the balance of the retribution delivered by the West to this little dictator. There’s nothing we can offer Putin to change this coming annexation of eastern Ukraine. If we offered eastern Ukraine itself to Putin, for peace sakes, he’d eventually take the other half by force if need be. So, the new Cold War DMZ (i.e. Berlin) will be smack dab in the middle of the bread basket to the world, Ukraine. 




Jimmy Carter has to nail mail, NSA not trusted

In the (almost) unbelievable news category, former President Jimmy Carter feels he needs to communicate
by snail mail to his friends, as he fears the NSA is most likely reading/listening to all his communications!? Story here:

That’s how off the rails this NSA Big Brother act is. Obama (whom I voted for) has taken our
DOMESTIC spying program to new heights. Our Govt can tell who’s playing a video game somewhere but unable to predict a Russian invasion of Crimea. What’s that all about?

It’s all about staying on top of what our Govt feels is the #1 threat to their systems/dogma. Obviously, the American people are the most threatening to the powers in D.C. These cats in D.C. would make a stalker jealous. The NSA gathers our emails, telephone records, cell phone records, credit card receipts, bank statements, driver license records, insurance records etc.. WTF is wrong with these people!? The only logical conclusion to their madness is they are EXTREEMLY AFRAID of the populous of the U.S.

What do they know, that we don’t know yet?

Aquarian Age Birthing Pangs

To watch the last gasp of the “top-down” brute force power structures of the last Age (Pisces) position for a WWIII showdown, is surreal to say the least. We were put here during this transition for some reason or another. I’d like to believe most of us are part of the solution.

The NSA spy’s on EVERYONE on the planet. The most ruthless and controlling governments throughout known history would have done the same spying as the NSA if they had the tools available to them. This doesn’t say much for what passes for a “free peoples” govt.

We haven’t captured or stopped one damn terrorist with our new Surveillance State or militarized police dept’s. Here in Texas, we have small towns with military grade assault vehicles ha. These same small towns are asking for DRONES! Oh yeah, nothing could go wrong with that… There’s not a stop-light intersection in this state that doesn’t have a CCTV camera on it.

What exactly are “they” looking for with all these tools? They need control to stay the course of the last Age of materialism & greed. In the Ukraine, the people had a revolution that included burning govt building, throwing rocks & bottles etc.. The West was all for this of course and encouraged it even (I agreed with this revolution, for what its worth.) Yet if this same revolution occurred in the streets of America today, tens of thousands (if not millions) would be killed by this same govt that supported the revolutions, BY THE PEOPLE, in Ukraine, Egypt, Libya etc..

Control “at all cost” is what is slipping away from the govt’s of the world today. The Aquarian Age wave of true freedoms for the people, caring for the least fortunate, love/peace is not a catch phrase. It’s where we’re heading faster than govt’s can counter the spirit.

The veil is lifting…

Militarization of our police dept’s

The militarization of our Police Dept’s show where we’re at as a society. The powers of the last Age (Pisces) are clawing to stay in power, protecting their governmental & economic structures with localized brute force if need be. This was a winning strategy up until we crossed over into the Aquarian Age recently. Today the people have wide-spread information at their fingertips. Twitter for organizing protests. Instant news world-wide within seconds rather than days.

Today I read where Police this year in the U.S. have killed more citizens than terrorist have killed. Sounds obvious yet insane at the same time.

We’re waking-up to this new paradigm.      

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